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Ничего лишнего
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свежая вечерняя пресса
(доставил yama_mayaa)


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From: thagastan Date: Ноябрь, 17, 2015 18:54 (UTC) (Ссылка)
Какая прелесть - леваки в своем репертуаре:
In just six days after the January attacks, the National Observatory Against Islamophobia documented 60 incidents of Islamophobic attacks and threats in France. TellMAMA, a U.K.-based organization that monitors racist anti-Muslim attacks, also reported 50-60 threats.
Once again, mere days before the January Paris attacks, the global community largely glossed over another horrific tragedy: The slaughter of more than 2,000 Nigerians by Boko Haram. The African victims didn’t get a march; only the Western victims of Islamic extremism did.
softwizard From: softwizard Date: Ноябрь, 17, 2015 21:03 (UTC) (Ссылка)
Ух ты! Языки в желе! Языки ящериц, я надеюсь?

Где вы этот Салон откопали?
yama_mayaa From: yama_mayaa Date: Ноябрь, 19, 2015 19:58 (UTC) (Ссылка)
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