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ольгинские курсы английского

Этом комментариям, написанным (предположительно) разными людьми, которых я обоначила разными заглавными буквами, от нескольких дней до нескольких месяцев (но не более четырех). Попробуйте догадаться, откуда я их взяла, не используя гугл. Для усложнения задачи некоторые комментарии отредактированы, из них изъяты куски, которые могли бы служить подсказкой.
Ответы принимаются до восьми вечера, потом я вывешу ссылку на источник.

K. This illustrates perfectly why so many Americans are tired of our current establishment. They lack the ability to instill this kind of pride in America. Instead they pander to every envy-ridden minority who feverishly spouts out degeneracy and hate toward all that is sacred on this earth. Meanwhile Russia is the only nation on this planet standing up for Western Civilization in the face of savages. We used to be this proud. As a freedom-loving, commie hat'n, gun tot'n American I say God bless the Motherland. You guys deserve it.

Z. From America with great respect for Russia. Our countries have shed blood together in one of if not the worst wars this planet has seen. There are far more of us than you realize that want nothing more than for our countries to stand side by side rather than against each other like the current administration and the media want the world to believe. We know about the hard fought Eastern Front and will never forget the sacrifices you made to stop the Reich in WW2.

H. Both countries should simply be judged by equal standards. You cannot blame Russia for supporting non-democratic separatists while at the same time supporting non-democratic fascists and nationalists in the Ukraine just because they fit into a certain geostrategic concept.
I do neither hate America nor Russia but I do think reasonable people should support a reasonable foreign policy or even friendly relations between them. They'll live together or they'll die together with some European vassalls in between.....
....there are very many things America can be proud of. If you think of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Leonard Bernstein, Ernest Hemingway, Louis Armstrong, George Gershwin or even the landing on the moon you can be proud to be an American.
But if you think of segregation, killing indians and coloured people, Vietnam, Hiroshima and the disgusting foreign policy of recent times you are doing right having your doubts.
The Russians are indeed totally different. Their average level of education is much higher, and they stick to their homeland 'Rodina' to the very last moment. They cannot be bribed by a handful of dollars. And they are in no way impressed by the Western colourful consumption rubbish. A very unique people.

C. As the just recent NATO officer I can confirm that the officer corp of the former British Empire is rather on the Russian side than on the American side in the Ukrainian conflict....Not to mention that I had to fight 2 months before the events in Ukraine because someone in Washington decided to send me there from the American continent to work for the American cause. It was a tough fight not to go, but when I found out that from 200 people that actually went almost everyone dead, I was jumping on the street with Canadian flags celebrating my 2nd birthday.


H. There are so many complicated contradictions there within the political forces of the Ukraine that I hardly regard myself in an expert position to judge all the circumstances that contributed to this tragedy.
But it is still a fact, that there was no democratically elected government. Justshenko was elected, Timoshenko was elected, and Janukovich was elected as well. He could have been replaced in the next elections.
If we denied those princples of democracy we'd support the way to anarchy.
The west should not speak of freedom and democracy at home but favour the first best gangster clique somewhere abroad just because it fits into some favourable geostrategic concept. In the long run this will not work but will cause extremely dangerous situations.

M. Go Russia! I wonder how it must feel to be one of the last realy free countries in the world!
Greetings from Germany!

R. As a proud American who defends their country at every opportunity...
God bless Mother Russia.

LB. Growing up living in America, I was always taught by my friends and family that Russia was a nation that just cared about war, and blood-shed. I even remember my mom telling me during the olympics that Putin would fire or kill people who "got out of line". Of course, she was joking. But I love Russia! I never knew how amazing it truly is until recently. Russians, keep on being you. -Love from America.
A. so degrading what the german media wanted Russia to look like...
blaming russia to do propaganda while we already did...
but it backfired and now more and more people awake.
never let Russia and Germany fight again, but start to see our common past and even more important... our common future!

A. with germany it´s different. here is a strong stratum of mid tier companys which are very loyal to their home and have big influence kinda unique in europe. they are a thorn in international companys sides. actually it is my mind that the sanctions against russia are also there to harm these companys as well because they suffer the most not to say they and small companys are the only one. the international companys still trade with russia as if there where no sanctions. also the USA they increased their trade volume... like they do so often...
a clever gambit of the anglo-american "elites".

DD. Hmmmm. I really didn't understand to date that why does Europe has to be a 'slave' (for lack of a better word) to the US, and why can't European countries make their own independent policies.

A. well europe was never really a free continent after ww2 the finance elites use any country which fits them best and in ww2 they managed to make it their own country. ofc america alone is nothing and so they also keep europe down. anyone who trys to fight them becomes an antisemite, terrorist ore something else also they pay corrupt politicans, high ranked people of all kind, own the media,...
especialy the media was one of the first things the CIA took over here in germany right after ww2 to manipulate the german who didn´t want the american economic-system.
the people doesn´t want all the wars etc, but we live in a democracy... where money rules.
to explain it short... vassal states

DD.Wow, that's sad. People don't show discontent on being a puppet state, then? Are you guys happy in this condition being dictated?

A. some ignore it, some are brainwashed and some are just not sure what to do. i am anything, but happy there are days where i am really angry or depressive.
well one thing is sure thx to math...if they don´t find any new way to suppress us the system will fall apart soon. how it will end i don´t know. a war, a revolution or what ever...
H. I like and admire good Americans, like Paine,  Lincoln, Kennedy, Gershwin, Bernstein and Hemingway. I dislike those who caused the disasters in Hiroshima, Iraq and Vietnam. Even today's American foreign policy is not very popular, I am afraid.
I like good Russians like Tolstoy, Tschaikovsky, Dostoyevsky and even Putin. To me he is a good president for his people. And I dislike the dictatorship of Stalin and the Gulags.
I like good Germans, like Beethoven, Goethe and Schiller. And I dislike the Nazis, Hitler and all those who brought about the atrocities the whole world is still talking about.
Just as simple as that.
The whole matter is not a question of nationalities and patriotism. It is a question of mere human reason and individual intellectual equipment to see what is right and what is wrong.
You are absolutely right: There is no other way of living together in such a small world. There is no winning and losing any more like in the past, when the commanders were standing on a hill watching their soldiers killing and being killed. Today we live together, or we'll die together.

Это я искала на ютюбе ролики хора Сретенского монастыря, и среди них выпал и этот олимпиадный. Меня удивило, что первый же комментарий под ним был несколькочасовой давности, и я пошла почитать, о чем пишут. Что увидела, то приведено выше.

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