leolion_1 (leolion_1) wrote,

Тонкий английский троллинг

Every herb has a personality: I think of rosemary and thyme as warm, generous friends, sitting by the fireplace in knitted jumpers and giving you relationship advice. Parsley is probably a fairly boring acquaintance who sits in the corner chattering away, telling long stories you can easily tune out of, while coriander is an exotic and sultry lover. Dill, however, is the culinary equivalent of Francis Begbie from Trainspotting. It has walked in, unleashed a string of obscenities, and glassed you in the face before you even knew what was happening.


***Но, вообще-то, я знаю много мест и много блюд, в которых в Москве обходятся без укропа. Где он ходит, бедненький....
Tags: бриллианты, звуки, калорийные истории

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