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The size of nanoparticles can also be correlated with the yield of nanoparticles. Bigger particles yielded more mass than smaller particles. Because higher centrifugation forces are needed to sediment smaller particles compared to bigger ones. Hence, particles produced with 2.5% gelatin concentration had around 20% yield. While the yield increased to around 34% for nanoparticles produced with 3.5% gelatin concentration.  A substantial increase in yield was observed for nanoparticles produced with 4.5% gelatin concentration. This might partly be due to larger sizes of nanoparticles and partly because of visible precipitates obtained, as obvious from the polydispersity indeх value (i.e., 0.37).

Знаете, что такое последняя капля?
Ну, вот же она.
i.e., 0.37
Хотя, конечно, тут каждое слово можно отливать в граните. И потом этим гранитом...
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