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Оригинал взят у seann в Союзнички
Очень подробный рассказ, с именами и датами, о том, как врали и врут американцы европейским союзникам, чтобы подлить бензинчику в украинский пожар. Это препечатка из субботнего Spiegel International, дополненная другими материалами об "опасной пропаганде" и о препятствовании посредничеству европейцев во главе с Меркель.

Ну и еще.
In reporting on the meeting later, the German tabloid Bild reported that Nuland referred to the chancellor's early February trip to Moscow for talks with Putin as "Merkel's Moscow stuff." No wonder, then, that people in Berlin have the impression that important power brokers in Washington are working against the Europeans. Berlin officials have noticed that, following the visit of American politicians or military leaders in Kiev, Ukrainian officials are much more bellicose and optimistic about the Ukrainian military's ability to win the conflict on the battlefield. "We then have to laboriously bring the Ukrainians back onto the course of negotiations," said one Berlin official.
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