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Две ссылки

Мужественная и стойкая врач из Донецка dobriydoktor описала на английском, каково там живется и работается врачу.
(ссылка отсюда)

У prof_yura пост Это не Европа (Amnesty International o Батальоне 'Айдар')
...Amnesty International documented dozens of cases of abuses allegedly committed by members of the Aidar battalion in Novoaidar district, Starobilsk, Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, and Shchastya between late June and late August....Police and military authorities in Severodonetsk informed Amnesty International that there are 38 criminal cases opened into actions allegedly committed by the members of the Aidar battalion, mostly involving incidents of robbery. Reports on this spate of crimes were submitted up the line to the Ministries of Defence and Interior, without tangible result thus far. Local police told Amnesty International that they were well aware of the widespread criminal actions by the Aidar members but were unable to do anything beyond the registration of criminal cases..
Tags: две минуты до полуночи, другой мир
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