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Ничего лишнего
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Motyl’s piece highlights an idea that is widely held among both neoconservative activists and latter day Wilsonians: that regional stability can and should be sacrificed on the altar of democratic idealism. It is taken for granted by writers like Motyl that promoting regime change in Russia is an inherently moral choice, never mind the instability that that choice may engender. Yet based on our recent experiments in regime change, it would seem that the instability wrought by our interventions wreaks havoc on the lives of ordinary people who, after all, have had no say in the matter. Is that what is meant by a moral foreign policy?



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nibope From: nibope Date: Февраль, 5, 2015 08:20 (UTC) (Ссылка)
Так почему бы им не начать с Саудовской Аравии?
leolion_1 From: leolion_1 Date: Февраль, 5, 2015 08:30 (UTC) (Ссылка)
Хороший вопрос.
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