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В новостях тут и там сообщения о том, сколько в финансовом выражении потеряет Газпром и Россия на сделке с Китаем.
Сколько и чем именно приобретет, об этом рассуждает сурковская пропаганда, уже пробравшаяся в саму сердцевину рупоров свободной прессы.

"Russia-China alliance would, of course, be an absolute disaster for the United States, pretty much the only grouping of countries that would be genuinely interested in and capable of challenging its position of global leadership. Preventing the emergence of a Russia-China alliance ought to be at the very top of the list of US foreign policy priorities, but, as the Times noted, no one seems to be paying any attention. ......The current policy of not doing anything, however, is clearly not an adequate response to such a serious potential threat. The US foreign policy community needs to wake up or, a decade from now, we’ll be hearing anguished debates about “who lost Eurasia.”

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