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Последние канарейки

The leader of the Jewish community in the Ukranian city of Odessa has spoke on plans for a mass evacuation amid mounting fears of violence and anti-Semitism.

Rabbi Refael Kruskal told the Jerusalem Post he was concerned about 'provocations' against the Jewish community and was ready to move children first, and possibly more people, if the 30,000-strong community was targeted.

He and other Jewish community leaders said there had not been any evidence of anti-Semitism so far but said next weekend could be a flashpoint, as it marks 8 May, the day of victory over Nazi Germany.

'When there is shooting in the streets, the first plan is to take [the children] out of the centre of the city,' Rabbi Kruskal told the newspaper.

'If it gets worse, then we’ll take them out of the city. We have plans to take them both out of the city and even to a different country if necessary, plans which we prefer not to talk about which we have in place.

“The next weekend is going to be very violent.'

Rabbi Kruskal heads the organisation which runs orphanages, schools and social services for the elderly for the city's Jewish community.

Other Jewish organisations have also drawn up evacuation plans, including the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic community, which has more than 1,000 families affiliated to its main synagogue.

Rabbi Avraham Wolf, from the community, said: “We are in touch with authorities and with security services, and we do a situation check every half hour.'

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