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18 February – 20 March




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Discipline:  scientific ethics and philosophy


How to recognize him: It's as easy as pie – find any scientist over 65. In fact, all of us will turn into Pisces sooner or later. The representatives of most valuable species have long colorful Nobel Prize tails. They live in the oceans of generalizations and communicate with specific signals such as “Where are we going?”, “How to find a true way of progress?”, “What should we bring to the society?”, “How does the science change?” and other similar ones. The spawn many thick folios “Fundamentals of…”, decorating them with “Scientific ethics and modern world” or “Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and the origin of life”.  They cherish newly-hatched fish all over the world and feed them with intellectual digestives.  They are obliged to have a status-corresponding hobby – Mongolian art, wine-making history, the photo-hunting, the writing of fairy tales or something like this. They are also obliged to give up to these hobbies at least half of the lecture-time.  The most ambitious Pisces try to play the violin.


How to impress him: Too late. They know all about those things the world let them know; they let the world hide many things they would like to know and they are wise enough to tell one from another.


How to disappoint him: Too late. See above.


Tags: horoscope for chemists

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