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Ничего лишнего
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20 January– 18 February





Discipline:  Ask your children about the exact definition in a short while – they will have known it for sure by the time they normally graduate their high schools.


How to recognize him:    IF: (1) you know a person doing the science defined by 50% referees as “genius” and by the other 50% as “science fiction”; (2) once you’d read a paper and thought “OK, it seems to be cool, but what about applications ???”  A couple of months later you've read another paper of the same author. “Damn, it is quite evident, so why I haven’t hit upon it myself ???”; (3) you‘ve heard, that one famous organic chemist was arrested on a conference for the fight attempt he made in revenge of the paper (published in “Science” and written by the author mentioned in (2)), which, as that scientist  believed, was quite offensive for the entire organic chemistry; (4) you know one formerly famous chemist experienced in surface science and now mentioned as someone who was fortunate to be HIS supervisor – so, congratulations, YOU HAVE FOUND HIM!!!

IF: you’ve came to your senses with a feeling that: (1) something very important have happened; (2) the world is not that it seemed to be; (3) you should change your scientific life immediately; (3) you’ve got a new chance to reach the true but yet unknown scientific horizon; (4) you have a chance to be involved in something bringing the blaze of eternal glory – so, congratulations again, HE HAS FOUND YOU!!! He even talked to you 30 seconds ago.      


How to impress  him: God granted an “extra” world to him.  Unknown, unexplored, gripping world full of adventures and surprises. The world of his own… So, our dear opinionated friend, do you really think you could compete with Him?


How to disappoint him: Just be indifferent. Or inert. Or ignorant. Or unprofessional.  Or distrustful of his ideas. Or unoptimistic. To put in other words - just be dull.


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