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  THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!! They’re watching your work right now, waiting for new data and constants.


How to recognize him: There are two major classes of Capricorns in science. Persons forming the first one come from collecting hobby groups. The second one is composed of those, who have not been accepted by CIA, FBI and by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.  Capricorns from the first class: (1) write the longest reviews you’ve ever read (ONLY reviews); (2) assemble the data of every sort and kind into reference tables, handbooks and all databases you use; (3) write the biographies and “Who is who in modern science”; (4) spend their free time, mapping all known biochemical pathways.

            Capricorns from the second class provide the data to Capricorns from the first one. They are able to measure “no matter what” provided that the group of this “what” can be extended indefinitely. If they do calorimetry of hydrocarbons, be sure, they will proceed at least to C72. Who needs it? It’s not their question. If they start analyze the sample of something, be sure, they will run through the entire periodic table. If they do proteomics or genomics… Ah, you know, these are very things they do. Some ideologies, hypothesis, conclusions? Oh, no. The collection is valuable by itself!

            It’s unbelievable, it’s quite unbelievable, but they do all boring work for us and they like it.


How to impress him: Start citing from memory the dissociation constants of organic bases in aqueous solutions from “The Handbook of Biochemistry”. Don’t be afraid of the pause – he will continue the listing at any point.

How to disappoint him: Write your reviews using less than 500 references. Don’t mention the melting points and grades of compounds you used in the experimental section. Don’t keep the records in your lab-book.

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