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22 November– 21 December




Attribute:     radioactivity


Discipline:  They occupy all fields depending on their propensities and education. They are at the starting point, our curious and noisy kids-of-science. 


How to recognize him: “What? Why? How?” Oh, these bright, shiny eyes full of thousands of questions… “Let me do this! … and this!… Oh, what a cool idea! I want to be involved…” You’re asking, how to recognize him? You can’t confuse him with someone else – he is one of your best students. All of them are Sagittariuses – most curious, most enthusiastic, capable of working 25 hours per day and 8 days per week. They never have “enough” knowledge – they want more and more. They catch the ideas and pursue the solutions as young hungry tigers. 
Often they pursue something they’d better let alone or something, which is over their heads and beyond their powers. It doesn’t matter; they will try it again and again. But how sincerely proud and childly happy they are when they finally bring their prey to the dens (i.e. offices) of their bosses – Aquarius, Lions, Aries etc. Sagittariuses rarely know this (due to some pedagogic reasons), but how sincerely proud and childly happy their bosses are...

And in return, we teach them hunting, we show them targets, we are trying to bring them up – ah, the scientific code of parental duties.

In case you've recognized yourself as a Sagittarius, thank you for your flaming enthusiasm AND WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU COULD WASTE YOUR TIME FOR SUCH A LIGHT READING??? GET BACK TO WORK – LIFE CANNOT WAIT!


How to impress him: Stimulate his curiosity and it will do this work for you.


How to disappoint him: If he is more gifted than you, it has already happened. If not – don’t spoil his scientific childhood. After all, you were a Sagittarius some years ago. 

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