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23 October– 22 November



Attribute:     X-rays


Discipline: To be a Scorpio is not an affiliation with the particular discipline, it is a transient state of the scientist’s soul. Rare specimens of true Scorpios born with such souls creep around Great Enigmas (black holes and quasars, disappeared antimatter or dinosaurs, origin of human beings or chirality in nature – all of that sort) and ignore you anyway since they believe everything else to be a useless fuss.   


How to recognize him: Please, learn this by hart – every scientist attending your presentation after a Conference dinner is a Scorpio in absolute. He knows INTUITIVELY that you are definitely wrong about some (or about all) assumptions, interpretations etc., your work has no applications, the subject is dull and boring, the experiment is incorrect and so on. (Bad luck, if something from this list is true). Moreover, he knows it BEFORE you start talking. Nevertheless, Scorpios have some useful features. They can point out some problems in your logic in case you have it (also, in case you have not and it’s quite difficult to tell one from another). They also can help you to find interesting problem which is “actually worth to be solved, my dear” or some new ways of your research which are “actually worth your attention, my dear” thus saving you from unavailing trials. The most unpleasant representatives of this sigh keep themselves in this state till the end of their scientific lives. The dialog is impossible. “This will not work and nothing will come of it” –“But why??? I have argu…” – “Because my INTUITION tells me so and it can not be unfaithful!!!”


How to impress him: Well, well… Feel tired of these useless attempts? See below.


How to disappoint him: To be honest, he’s got low opinion about you from that moment you first tried to impress him.


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    Граждане френды, когда вы в последний раз общались с rusty_spur? Что-то я беспокоюсь.

  • просто спросить, энное

    Граждане автомобилисты, а у нас что, гаишники и правда стали меньше взяток брать? Я-то не за рулем, поэтому живу привычным городским мифом о…

  • (no subject)

    Граждане, а кто из вас пользовался вотсапом и отказался или откажется от него в ближайшее время из-за новых правил? Я просто спросить, как обычно)

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