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23 September– 23 October





Attribute:     phase equilibrium


Discipline:  They are simply the right men in the right places. Always and everywhere. Any (good) professor should accept at least one Libra to his lab. They are unsurpassable in chemical engineering, analytical chemistry or hi-tech management.   


How to recognize him: It’s not a big problem to recognize him – normally, this is a person, of which you are in extreme need to make your ideas workable. The problem is to pick him up before someone else could do it. He rarely generates some fundamental ideas but this is not the thing we need him for. Libras are the best in the optimization of solutions. Being a living embodiment of the Okkam’s razor, they can solve problems and bring your ideas to practical life in an optimal way, saving time, nerves and resources. They can be wrong in the fields unfamiliar to them, but it’s quite impossible to see their mistakes in a matter of their competence. 
              If your good idea doesn’t work in someone’s hands and you don’t know why – ask Libra and he’ll point out the defects and eliminate them in a short while. If you want to arrange scientific business based on your fundamental ideas, Libra is your best partner, proposing the applications and providing the high-class management at the same time. Moreover, Libras are absolutely conflict-free and they can settle all administrative affairs to everybody's delight. And everybody likes them – colleagues, PhD students, undergraduates, scientific bosses, investors, dean’s secretaries, lab pets – everybody.

            If you know one free Libra and you don’t need him yourself (it means you have two or three in your disposal now), please, inform the author ASAP – not every scientist is as happy as you are.


How to impress him: Appreciate him.


How to disappoint him: For God’s sake, are you going crazy??? Put it out of your head immediately – he is most valuable device in your lab!!


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