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Сурковская пропаганда на ВВС оказывает тлетворное влияние

...на неокрепшие умы, затянутые туманом Альбиона.
Забудем, а простим, когда скажете, что нам за это будет.
Ну, этим-то платят по фунту за коммент, ясное дело.

Оригинал взят у oslik_evev в best rated comments from BBC
4 дня про ураину писали и не было ропци комментариев. теперь есть -

Hold a referendum in Crimea asking if they want to be part of ukraine or russia. UN stands in favour of self determination, Crimea was part of russia till the 50's, I think the people there want to go back, let them decide and keep out of it UK, we got enough on our plates already.

Considering that the UK and USA invaded Iraq on the pretext of the country having WMD, I think its a bit rich criticising Russia.

Gotta love the hypocrisy in these situations… It's fine for the US, UK and rest of Europe to go into far flung foreign countries and bomb the hell out of regimes, but NOT fine for Russia to protect and defend areas along it border than have real and verified Russian interests! Remember it was "The West" that wanted to arm Islamic Extremists in Syria!

How can John Kerry.. condem Russia for coming up with trumped up reasons for invasion when his country along with ours dreampt up the WMD which could launch in 60 minutes (despits not existing) as a trumped up excuse to invade Iraq. Didn't Russia (and a lot of Europe0 condemus for our invasion? Pat calling the kettle black?

Strange, the Americans were not quite so forgiving when Russia wanted to place missiles in Cuba, yet they expect the Russian to give in gracefully when the west overthrows a sovereign government on their doorstep.

As for Hague and Kerry, I am not allowed to use language on HYS as to what I think of them.

Some people need to get real. Never in a million years is Russia going to allow its naval base in the Black Sea to be controlled by anti-Russian interests. The US or the UK would be doing exactly the same in the circumstances. The area has always been under Russian influence, even well before the rise of the USSR. The West needs to stop its empty rhetoric and engage in sensible diplomacy.

по моему настроение примерно однозначное..
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