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23 August– 23 September





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Discipline:  Synthetic chemistry of all kinds and sorts. They are dedicated to it. Virgos are also good editors and conference organizers. 


How to recognize him: If you can’t tell the born synthetics from other chemists you’re not a scientist. Anyway, you have a nose that can help you to recognize them by the delicate aroma (refined mixture of DMFA, DMSO, toluene and caprylic acid).

If you’re a scientist, you definitely can do it without any help and you know everything about their appearance (most accurate among all chemists) and their habits (most academic among all researchers). 

There are several theories why Virgos are so “chemical”. Psychoanalysts believe that they had a bad childhood lack of puzzles and Lego blocks. Others think they just take a revenge for the inability of cooking.

We suppose that their activities result from their constitutional bias toward regulation, organization and universal order. So, synthesizing “this, this and that”, they’re just trying to bring order to our chaotic world and to put all scattered molecular fragments in their places.  


How to impress him: Be a Virgo. How are you going otherwise to synthesize three-decked ruthenium complex with crown-substituted phthalocyanine to impress him?

How to disappoint him: Well, start a discussion about ecological aspects of modern synthetic chemistry and add contemptuously that the organic chemistry is nothing more than a collection of cooking receipts.

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