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22 July – 23 August




Attribute: arc discharge  


Discipline: All disciplines. Everything he does is…done well (a priori). When the particular Lion finds something he can’t do well, he says that this boring subject is not worthy of his royal attention.


How to recognize him: It is hardly possible NOT to recognize him. He makes most artistic presentations even on negligible results (but the audience does not notice it). He generates about 100 bright ideas per minute and 50 of them will be lost next 60 second. Oh, no, they are not bad (at least, all 50), they just come at the wrong time. He is in love with the remaining 50 until he finds the elegant and non-trivial solution. When it’s done (i.e. when he’s said to himself “I was right as usual”), his interest exhausts. Don’t try to distract him from the cherished idea. When you mention that it conflicts with the thermodynamic laws, he answers, that you pick on small details and can not appreciate the significance of conception. He hates the words “extension” and “correction”.  His papers are crowded with “striking”, “novel”, “peculiar” and many “ultra-“s.


How to impress him: Almost no chance. If you tell him that you start the day with his paper, he’ll take this as a matter of course. The only nonviolent method is to show him something aesthetic, impressive, impeccably logical, strong and naturally noble, or genius. That is, something that could shock or, at least, intrigue his imagination and intelligence,…or hesitate his self-confidence. Something to respect. This is your tiny chance to see one of the rarest phenomena in Nature – Lion’s sincere admiration. Don’t lose this chance. Lion’s numerals are severely limited with “first”.  


How to disappoint him: Say twice “You’re wrong and your idea is stupid” and get out quickly. First time he won’t believe you might dare...

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