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21 May – 21 June



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Discipline:  They occupy all interdisciplinary fields – biophysics, bioinorganic chemistry, chemical mechanics, supramolecular chemistry, physical organics and God knows what else. Gemini invents new scientific hybrids faster than we become familiar with their parental branches. But the major scientific nursery for Gemini is the genetic engineering. They worship everything non-existent in natural world. 


How to recognize him: In fact, they have asked you already about collaboration (at least, 40-50 times). Talking to them, you keenly feel that your recent 5-hour Internet search was a waste of time – you’d better made one call to Gemini and asked your question. You’ll hardly find a subject unfamiliar to them. Cannot connect some devices, that (you know it for sure) have to be connected with wires, screw bolts and in/output adapters? Ask Gemini – they do it with tape, nuts and strange small things they’ve just invented – and the system will work! Their papers normally describe some “bio-inspired technology” or “tech-inspired biology” – the synthesis of spider-like nanostructures or the cloning of spiders with nanotube-like chelicers.  


How to impress him: Tell him that the cat could catch a mouse more quickly – it just needs 6 legs to increase the speed and 2 tails for better balancing. Propose a collaboration – to study the elephant metabolism with AFM (atomic force microscopy). 


How to disappoint him: Tell him that the cat must have four legs and one tail and add that there is a pure nonsense to study the elephant metabolism with AFM. 




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