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Пришел очень милый спам.

"SCIECONF 2014 (June 9-13, 2014) is an International Virtual Conference organized on behalf of Scientific Community"

Широта объятия - под катом.

- All submitted papers will go through at least two evaluation processes:
(1) single-blind peer-to-peer reviewing (at least two reviewers),
(2) single-blind technical check.
- Authors making submission and reviewers will have access to other
submissions during the conference dates to review and comment them.
- All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings
with ISSN and ISBN.
- Published papers will be included into Open Access Online conference Archive.
- Authors of the best 20%-25% of the papers presented at the conference
will be invited to extend their papers for their publication in
International Scientific Journals.
- We cover full conference service.

Conference proceedings of SCIECONF 2014 will be sent for evaluation into
major indexing and abstracting databases.

- Participate as author, and we ensure you to receive professional feedback
and effective propagation of your results.
- Participate in reviewing process Б─⌠ be important part of Scientific Committee.
- Be our partner - please help us to spread our ideas and share information
about our events to your colleagues.

We invite all researchers, students to join this worldwide forum, where
research knowledge and ideas can be efficiently presented and shared.
The conference provides smart platform to share your research ideas.
We connect participants and reviewers from all around the world. The
conference provides also wide range of topics:

- Business Management
- Marketing
- Economy and Business Economics
- Public service, Law
- Financing and Accounting
- Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy, Social Science
- Medicine
- Veterinary medicine
- Art, Religion, History, Culturology, Philosophy
- Linguistics
- Ecology
- Natural science - mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics
- Electronics, Electrical Systems, Electrical Engineering
- Energy
- Industrial and Civil Engineering
- Informatics
- Information Technology
- Wireless Technology
- Transport and Logistics
- Agriculture
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