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20 April – 21 May








Attribute     monocrystal


Discipline:  All well-preserved and classic ones: inorganic synthesis, coordination chemistry, physical or analytical chemistry, all sorts of microscopies etc. He can find and solve the problems in those areas, where the others lost all the patience and curiosity.


How to recognize him: 20% – at this very moment, you are attending his lectures or seminars on crystallography or nomenclature of organic reactions. 20% – you’ve just left his office crowded with oak bookcases and old heavy folios. Lavoisier’s portrait glanced so disapprovingly when you’ve got your “F” for the test you’d perfectly solved (hmm, except for the correct listing the authors of BET isotherm). 20% – you’re just reading his paper containing many “improved…”, “more precise …”, “correction of…”. 20% – you’re just reading his review on your own paper. He notes that references 20, 49 and 52 are incorrect; the experimental section is lack of the details; the data are not enough for the conclusions you’ve made. Finally, 20% – you’re his PhD student trying to reach the subangstrom resolution in STEM.


How to impress him: let him catch you while reading the original works of Gibbs or Fisher (preferably, in his office).


How to disappoint him: just propose a new advanced project – something like “quantum-dot information storage based on non-equilibrium self-assembly of nanoparticles in thin-wall nanotubes”


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