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21 March – 20 April






Attribute:     nuclear collision


Discipline:  Everything that is recognized as a progressive one. However, he can convince you of the progressiveness of his own work whatever he actually does. At present, you can meet him behind the academic or industrial doors signed with “quantum-, nano-, bio- or geno- something”.


How to recognize him: Don’t stuff your head with it. Just before you have time to close the door, he appears -- as if out of nowhere-- in firm belief that you’re quite behind the times (his times). And this is commonly true. Your interests and scientific activities are of no matter unless you’re working under the same “advanced” sign.  He reads “Nature”, “Science” and journals supplied with titles “Advanced …”, “… today”, “Current…” or “Progress in…” – latest issues. He surrounds himself with only recent equipments. He strongly believes that all results, that have been obtained NOT with STEM (scanning/transmission electron microscopy) of subangstrom resolution, synchrotron or other advanced tools for “quantum-, nano-, bio- or geno- something” should be published in “Archaeological Research”. OK, in “Progress in Archaeological Research”.


How to impress him: No problem – if you have the STEM of subangstrom resolution (or if you can produce the smallest “nano”). If not – hmm…  Well, use the latest model of cell phone, or, at least, microrobot as a lighter. Remotely-operated hair comb could also awake his interest.


How to disappoint him: tell him that you take a keen interest in ancient philosophy or, what is the same, in semiconductors or…. show him your presentation with an old laptop (Pentium II, Windows 98)


Tags: horoscope for chemists

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