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редакторские будни, осеннее

Одна статья. 17 страниц. Я должна сделать ее читабельной. Они, наверное, думают, что я еще и кроликов из шляпы доставать умею...

"The Diels-Alder reaction is well known to all chemists 80 years old"

"Engberts et al. have systemic studied the Diels-Alder reactions in organic solvents"

Reactions involving the aromatic nitroso group led themselves well to kinetics studies"

"The reason may be that the many more AOT molecules make the aggregates much more compact, which the DMB is difficult to attach to the nonpolar double tail of AOT and hard to be in contact with NSB dissolved in EG located in the polar head of AOT"

"There is a decreasing trend of Ea with AOT concentration increase within the low surfactant content and Ea almost keep the same in higher surfactant concentrations with the smallest value"

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