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Касаемо превращения гетеросексуальных мужчин в гомосексуальных в благоприятной питательной среде. Весьма и весьма познавательно. Оказывается, не только в толерантные древнегреческие времена были впечатляющие случаи.

Sodomy in Firenza
It is endlessly repeated that homosexuality is inborn, that it cannot be culturally instilled, etc. Suppose this is so. Now, consider Florence:

...The records of the Office of the Night (Ufficiali di notte) which was active in Florence from 1432 to 1502, contains documents about more than 16,000 men implicated in sodomy, of whom nearly 3,000 were convicted. Thus, in a city of only 40,000 inhabitants, the majority of men were incriminated for engaging in sodomy at least once during their lifetimes.

...Some men apparently undertook homosexual "marriages" in which the men swore fidelity to each other holding hands over the bible on a church altar. Even the "Office of the Night" appeared to regard such men as married to each other. Many of these relationships were apparently tolerated and even encouraged by parents and relatives who saw that they could gain protection and political advancement from a son's well-placed lover. In addition, since older lovers customarily gave their partners gifts or money from time to time, families often welcomed the financial gain.

...Florence seems to have been fairly tolerant of youthful sodomy that did not become too open and notorious. Despite the large number of accusations, < 20% were charged, many others never paid their fines, and some were let off even when they were clearly guilty. When pushed too hard to punish people severely, the "Night Office" itself engaged in kind of passive resistance, once refusing to convict anyone for 14 months.

...During the reign of Savonarola in the 1490's, young patrician males, no doubt involved in sodomy, staged a "wild riot" inside the Cathedral during the friar's Ascension Day sermon to protest his crackdown. Just a few years later on August 31, 1512, a group of 30 young aristocrats staged history's first gay rights demonstration by charging into City Hall, forcing a senior justice official to resign and demanding that the council revoke the sentences of all those who had been exiled or deprived of office for sodomy. (Remarkably, after a palace coup by the Medici family two weeks later, those demands were actually acceded to.)

Assuming that homosexualism is inborn, what explanations can be offered for such prevalence of sodomy in a sin city in the midst of a repressive, bigoted society? Rocke suggests that it was limited access to women that forced many men into sodomy:

...Such a prevalence for allegations of sodomy is remarkable. To explain the high number of sodomy reports, Rocke points to the city's unusually late average age of marriage for men, roughly 30 to 31, and the large number of men who remained lifelong bachelors-approximately 12% of the male population. These factors produced a large population of young, unrooted, sexually vigorous males in a city where many women were sheltered by their families or otherwise inaccessible. This led many men to engage in sex with other males.

Then he contradicts himself:

...In 1403 public brothels were promoted to prevent the excesses of sodomy, and in such circumstances it is not clear why illicit sexuality included so much sodomy. Rocke makes it clear, for example, that the Florentine Commune did many things to make marriage attractive, such as creating a dowry fund to help less wealthy families marry off their daughters. And of course they also took many steps to discourage, suppress, and even eradicate sodomy. But the simple fact seems to be that young Florentine men were averse to marriage, and not averse to sodomy. http://rictornorton.co.uk/reviews/rocke.htm

The postulated lack of females clearly was not the reason. Could it be self-selection -- tolerance of sodomy attracting gay men, and the increase in their numbers leading to more tolerance? We can estimate this effect from our own cities. The percentage of gay/bisexual people in the most LGBT-friendly city in the US, SF, is 15.4%; Seattle is next, with 13%. That's the ENTIRE community, not just gay men. This is nowhere near medieval Florence. Self-selection is possible, but it does not produce such prevalence.

Could it be that it was a city-wide genetic anomaly? There was the constant flux of people in and out of Florence. I cannot think of any other explanations within the current paradigm.

Unless such a rationale is produced, let me believe the obvious: that the "epidemics" of sodomy in the 15th century Florence was the result of what is professed to be impossible, viz. a transition of the vast number of straight men into homosexual subculture. It IS possible, it DID happen, and it CAN happen again.

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