August 4th, 2020

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За ссылку спасибо areksi

A further imbalance is that key information needed to judge the merits of a lab origin theory is missing from their account. As we detailed in our previous article, in their search for SARS-like viruses with zoonotic spillover potential, researchers at the WIV have passaged live bat viruses in monkey and human cells (Wang et al., 2019). They have also performed many recombinant experiments with diverse bat coronaviruses (Ge et al., 2013; Menachery et al., 2015; Hu et al., 2017). Such experiments have generated international concern over the possible creation of potential pandemic viruses (Lipsitch, 2018). As we showed too, the Shi lab had also won a grant to extend that work to whole live animals. They planned “virus infection experiments across a range of cell cultures from different species and humanized mice” with recombinant bat coronaviruses. Yet Andersen et al did not discuss this research at all, except to say:
“Basic research involving passage of bat SARS-CoV-like coronaviruses in cell culture and/or animal models has been ongoing for many years in biosafety level 2 laboratories across the world”
This statement is fundamentally misleading about the kind of research performed at the Shi lab.

В статье очень хорошо структурированы все основные посылки и предположения, уже обсуждавшиеся в этом ЖЖ, а также подбит ряд очень любопытных фактов, которые могли бы объяснить происхождение вируса.
Например, вот этот.
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Ну, и, конечно, я всецело присоединяюсь к вот этому утверждению.
"We believe that this failure undermines public trust in a “scientific response” to the pandemic. Instead, the scientific establishment has labeled the lab escape theory a “rumor“, an “unverified theory” and a “conspiracy” when its proper name is a hypothesis. "

Все эти крики про конспирологию вопреки очевидности это самая банальная трусость. Боязнь выпасть из мейнстримной обоймы, и в жертву этой трусости приносится и правда, и репутация науки в социуме.