June 12th, 2018

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The Decay of Lying

Наконец, нашла время посмотреть, что нового у Мюррея пояивлось по Срипалям.
Ну, в общем-то, сюжет паззла уже вряд ли изменится, теперь он только достраивается новыми кусочками, хотя его и старательно выводят из повестки.
Пока мне неясна только одна вещь - почему они все-таки еще живы, по крайней мере, папаша. Точнее, кто именно так старается оставить его козырем в рукаве.

So the question of where the nerve agent was made remains unresolved. The MSM has continually attempted to lie about this and affirm that all novichok is Russian made. The worst of corporate and state journalism in the UK was exposed when they took the OPCW’s report that it confirmed the findings of Porton Down and presented that as confirming the Johnson/May assertion that it was Russia, whereas the findings of Porton Down were actually – as the Aitkenhead interview stated categorically – that they could not say where it was made.
The other relatively new development is the knowledge that Skripal had not retired but was active for MI6 on gigs briefing overseas intelligence agencies about Russia. This did not increase his threat to Russia, as he told everything he knows a decade ago. But it could provide an element of annoyance that would indeed increase Russian official desire to punish him further.
But the fact he was still very much active has a far greater significance. The government slapped a D(SMA) notice on the identity of Pablo Miller, Skripal’s former MI6 handler who lives close by in Salisbury and who worked for Christopher Steele’s Orbis Intelligence at the time that Orbis produced the extremely unreliable dossier on Trump/Russia. The fact that Skripal had not retired but was still briefing on Russia, to me raises to a near certainty the likelihood that Skripal worked with Miller on the Trump dossier.

I agree with every word of this professional dissection of the Orbis Trump dossier by Paul Roderick Gregory...In particular this paragraph, which Gregory wrote more than a year before the Salisbury attack....
I have picked out just a few excerpts from the Orbis report. It was written, in my opinion, not by an ex British intelligence officer but by a Russian trained in the KGB tradition. It is full of names, dates, meetings, quarrels, and events that are hearsay (one an overheard conversation). It is a collection of “this important person” said this to “another important person.” There is no record; no informant is identified by name or by more than a generic title. The report appears to fail the veracity test in the one instance of a purported meeting in which names, dates, and location are provided. Some of the stories are so bizarre (the Rosneft bribe) that they fail the laugh test. Yet, there appears to be a desire on the part of some media and Trump opponents on both sides of the aisle to picture the Orbis report as genuine but unverifiable.

The Russian ex-intelligence officer who we know was in extremely close contact with Orbis at the time the report was written, was Sergei Skripal.****


Оттуда же касательно интервью Юлии
“I do not wish to avail myself of their services” is simply not a translation of what she says in Russian and totally misses the “I am not ready” opening phrase of that sentence. My conclusion is that Yulia’s statement was written by a British official and then translated to Russian for her to speak, rather than the other way round. Also that rather than translate what she said in Russian themselves for the subtitles, Reuters have subtitled using a British government script they have been given.
It would of course have been much more convincing had Sergei also been present. Duress cannot be ruled out when he is held by the British authorities. I remain extremely suspicious that, at the very first chance she got in hospital, Yulia managed to get hold of a telephone (we don’t know how, it was not her own and she has not had access to one since) and phone her cousin Viktoria, yet since then the Skripals have made no attempt to contact their family in Russia. That includes no contact to Sergei’s aged mum, Yulia’s grandmother, who Viktoria cares for. Sergei normally calles his mother – who is 89 – regularly. This lack of contact is a worrying sign that the Skripals may be prevented from free communication to the outside world. Yulia’s controlled and scripted performance makes that more rather than less likely.
It is to me particularly concerning that Yulia does not seem to have social media access. The security services have the ability to give her internet risk free through impenetrable VPN. But they appear not to have done that.
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У меня назрел вопрос.
На Украине бушует самая настоящая эпидемия кори, где почти половина заболевших - взрослые.
Корь тяжелая, судя по сообщениям тамошних медиков.

Да, у нас охват детей вакцинацией гораздо шире, так что, наверное, завоз в эту категорию нам не так уж угрожает.
Но, учитывая количество людей из Украины, приезжающих сюда на заработки, почему никто еще не почесался напомнить взрослым о том, что иммунитет после последней АКДС в 24 года (а то и в 8-м классе) вообще-то не вечен и надо бы сделать ревакцинацию?

Как-то меня это начинает несколько смущать. Или медики не видят с этим проблемы и возможной миграции кори сюда с заражением взрослых?

Прошу разъяснений.

UPD dok_zlo поправил меня в комментах, что АКДС это не про корь, а про коклюш. Но ревакцинироваться стоит, предварительно сдав анализ на антитела.
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материнское бремя

Чадо отправился спозаранку в Переяславль-Залесский запускать какую-то ракету. Сказал, большую.
Видимо, там нет связи, мать в итоге как на иголках, не упала ли та ракета на сыновнюю голову.

Постепенно до меня начало доходить, что если он в самом деле когда-нибудь куда-то полетит, я же и чокнуться могу от беспокойства.
Космонавтам-то психологов выдают, я знаю, а родителям оных? Как вот эти родители тут внизу сидят, пока их ребенок болтается наверху в очень относительно прочной консервной банке?

И вообще, как родители космонавтов, летчиков, автогонщиков, мотоциклистов, альпинистов,парапланеристов и прочих избыточно одаренных адреналиновой зависимостью, с этим бременем справляются, есть ли, кроме олдскульного смирения, какие-то новые психологические технологии?