May 1st, 2018

savanna life

тем временем 2

...Мюррей относительно того, где именно находятся ответы на вопросы. Это уже его вчерашний пост., видимо, появился поздно, иначе я бы на него сразу ссылку и дала.

We still have no idea of who attacked Sergei Skripal and why. But the fact that, right from the start, the government blocked the media from mentioning Pablo Miller, and put out denials that this has anything to do with Christopher Steele and Orbis, including lying that Miller had never been connected to Orbis, convinces me that this is the most promising direction in which to look.
It never seemed likely to me that the Russians had decided to assassinate an inactive spy who they let out of prison many years ago, over something that happened in Moscow over a decade ago. It seemed even less likely when Boris Johnson claimed intelligence showed this was the result of a decade long novichok programme involving training in secret assassination techniques. Why would they blow all that effort on old Skripal?
That the motive is the connection to the hottest issue in US politics today, and not something in Moscow a decade ago, always seemed to me much more probable. Having now reviewed matters and seen that the government actively tried to shut down this line of inquiry, makes it still more probable this is right.
This does not tell us who did it. Possibly the Russians did, annoyed that Skripal was feeding information to the Steele dossier, against the terms of his release.
Given that the Steele dossier is demonstrably in large degree nonsense, it seems to me more probable the idea was to silence Skripal to close the danger that he would reveal his part in the concoction of this fraud. Remember he had sold out Russian agents to the British for cash and was a man of elastic loyalties. It is also worth noting that Luke Harding has a bestselling book currently on sale, in large part predicated on the truth of the Steele Dossier.
Steele, MI6 and the elements of the CIA which are out to get Trump, all would have a powerful motive to have the Skripal loose end tied.
Rule number one of real investigative journalism: look where they tell you not to look.
savanna life

отвернувшись от плиты

Как мне только что сообщили Викинги, Мираторг принадлежит брату Светланы Медведевой.

Ну, что же, должна признать, что, в отличие от сестры, он таки понимает толк в мясе.
Мираторговский Рибай даже в домашнем исполнении получился отменно.
Да, к стейку еще прилагались я и плита/духовка Кайзер, а это важные ингредиенты, можете мне поверить, но, тем не менее, брату зачет.
Не только обжирать умеют, стало быть.