October 29th, 2017

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Democracy Dies in Darkness

Leaders of a historic Episcopal church in Alexandria have decided to remove a pair of plaques from its sanctuary that memorialize two of their most prominent parishioners: George Washington and Robert E. Lee.
While recognizing the important roles both Washington and Lee played in the nation’s history, church leaders wrote that the decision was made that it would be best to remove them because they “create a distraction in our worship space and may create an obstacle to our identity as a welcoming church and an impediment to our growth and to full community with our neighbors.”


Пара комментов:
Having been Christened in this church, served as an acolyte, and confirmed there (as were my siblings), not to mention my parents married in this church and mother memorialized there, I think I might have a bit more to say about this decision than most, below.
My first reaction was not favorable to this decision.
But I reflected, read on to the end of the article, and reflected some more. My first reaction is reasonable. But I will put my faith and trust in the current church leadership that they took the time to understand the context of the original 1870 placement of the plaques, what their original intent was, and whether that could be adequately explained and accepted by the congregation of today. I am not an active member of the congregation so I'm ignorant of the process that they pursued, which makes it difficult for me to find fault with it. I would ask that others take a moment to reflect, as well, and calm down before posting their thoughts, their expressions of being wounded (when most have not even step foot in the structure).
Acknowledging my ignorance of the deliberation, I'll go on to say that I would prefer the plaques stayed. Their ultimate placement will be important.

Washington D.C, will now be known as The District, solely. The mention of Washington, or Columbia, named after Columbus, causes too much anxiety in certain populations.
Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington are to have their memorials leveled and statues removed. All other statues will be razed and melted down to avoid offending anyone.
The David replica is now considered fat shaming. The Portrait gallery will be cleansed to avoid hurting people not as lovely. The Harrison Bergeron act mandates it.

Интересно, кого или что на доллар нарисуют вместо него.
Что нарисуют, лично я не сомневаюсь ни секунды.

На десерт, тэксть
But the narrative coming out of Hollywood right now is about the victims who have come forward with allegations specifically against Harvey Weinstein, and that list is largely made up of white women. This is worth remarking upon, not because it is odd, but because it is decidedly quotidian, considering who is permitted to be in the room at even the lowest levels of the industry.
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научно-методический ген

Все-таки, научный стиль это вещь наследуемая.
Раф делает так, как его научил Гжибор, которого научил Вайтсайдз))

Безотносительно наследственности - результат отличный, всем, интересующимся гибридными катализаторами и вообще наукой о материалах, очень рекомендую к прочтению.
Tunable porous nanoallotropes prepared by post-assembly etching of binary nanoparticle superlattices
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2 литра в день

Очень доходчивое изложение про необходимость выпивания воды литрами от uncle_doc
(цапнуто у dok_zlo)
Вы просто себе не представляете, какому количеству женщин натурально промыты мозги этими литрами воды.
Адептам советую читать особенно внимательно. Вообще, все сводится к простой формуле "Хотите пить - пейте, не хотите - не пейте" за исключением экстремальных обстоятельств типа похода по пустыне Сахара, заболевания гриппом или острой дизентерией, достижения 90-летнего возраста и т.д., когда за водным режимом действительно приходится следить вне связи с субъективным ощущением жажды.