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Необыкновенные приключения Патриарха Кирилла в Испании

Только что получила)  Нигерийский спам покоряет новые рубежи

"How are you?
I am PATRIARCH KIRILL, the Leader of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church.  I contacted you because I and some Bishops traveled to Spain to establish another branch of Orthodox Church few days ago and we were attacked by some criminals in Spain and they shot a Bishop dead and stole all our belongings including our Money, phones, watches and passports. Right now, we lost all the contact in Russia because of our phones they took away from us.

Actually,I got your email while I was searching for our church members for help but I could not see any email belonging to any member of Orthodox Church in Russia . Please I need your urgent help so that we can start coming back to Russia while some of the Bishops will go back to other European countries where they came from.
Thanks and God Bless You.
Patriarch Kirill of Orthodox  Church
Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church"
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