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Недремлющее око Натуры

Прелестно, прелестно. (с)
А что, подписывать свои опусы знатоку кавказских алфавитов скромность не дозволяет? А то я что-то не вижу его фамилии среди эдиторов, а вот в авторах сквозь все эти буквы вижу прям как живого.

Оригинал взят у pustoj_zhurnal в Недремлющее око Натуры

Natura, редакционная статья

But the recent appointment of Olga Vasilyeva as Putin’s science and education minister casts strong doubts on whether the right healers are at work. Vasilyeva, an ultra-conservative historian, is mainly known for her affinity with the Russian Orthodox Church and her ambivalence towards Stalin....

Even so, some growth in public science spending in recent years, together with plans to strengthen universities and streamline the oversized Russian Academy of Sciences (which runs hundreds of research institutes), raised hopes that things might start to improve. Dmitry Livanov, a dynamic physicist who ran the science ministry from 2012, had seemed the right person to push through a series of reforms to get Russian science back on course. It came as a shock, therefore, when Putin fired him in August.

The reasons for Livanov’s abrupt departure remain unclear, although they are likely to be political rather than related to the performance of the ministry he headed. His dismissal might be considered a win for the Russian Academy of Sciences and for numerous low-profile universities, which he intended to close. But wins in these cases would not be a win for Russian science at large.
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